The Ministry of Trade and Industry in Cooperation and Coordination of the World Bank will rearrange the Companies Registration System

For the purpose of rearrange and electronic the System of Companies Registration and reduce the Administrative routine of Registry process, On Sunday, January29, 2017 a workshop started at the Cristal Hotel in cooperation and coordination of the Ministry of Trade & Industry and the World Bank and in the presence of Dears ( Dr. Abdulrazzaq Othman Nawandaee, the Acting Director General of Divan of the Ministry and Dilzar Ismail, the Director General of Companies Registration) in the Ministry of Trade & Industry and number of related members and representatives as: Ministry of Trade and Industry: Divan of the Ministry, Directorate General of Companies Registration.
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
Ministry of Finance and Economy.
Federation of Chambers of Trade and Industry.
Accountants Syndicate.
Lawyers Syndicate.
Open discussions were organized to remove obstacles of electronic the Companies Registration and rearrange them in a way that is acceptable with the policy of the World Bank and International Standards. It is worth mentioning that this Workshop and discussion will continue until February2, 2017.