The Ministry of Trade & Industry and the World Bank are supervising a workshop about the process of registering companies and reducing routine


In the presence of Dear ( Dr. Abdulrazzaq Othman Nawandaee ) the Acting Director General of Divan of the Ministry and Dear ( Dilzar Ismail ) the Director General of Companies Registration in the Ministry of Trade & Industry and with the participation of relevant members and representatives as Ministries of ( Labor and Social Affairs, Finance and Economy, Federation of Chambers of Trade & Industry and Accountants &Lawyers Syndicate) the workshop has been done to rearrange the companies registration system, reduce the Administrative Routine and to develop the process of Registering Companies.

The Workshop with the Cooperation and Coordination of the Ministry took (5) days and it has been done successfully. In this Workshop several concepts and opinions were discussed to rearrange and make the system of Companies registration electronically.


Scheduled in the future, in coordination between the Ministry of Trade & Industry and the Directorate of Taxes & Incomes to more organize and develop the process of registering companies.


The purpose of attendance of the World Bank Members to make the process of registering companies acceptable with the policy of the World Bank and International Standards.