Frequently Asked Questions


First FAQ group

How can I apply for user registration?
  • You will need to fill the form after clicking on the e Register link. Once filled you will receive an email notification to verify the registered email. Upon verification, your request will reach the Users Admin at the respective authority to review and approve your request. On approval you will receive an email with your password.
How long does it take to setup a limited liability company in KRG?
  • The actual incorporation of a company can be accomplished in a matter of a day or two at maximum after due diligence clearance. However, the overall process can take anywhere from one day to few weeks depending on the following factors:


Name reservation: Before a company can be incorporated, its name has to be reserved first. Assuming there are no objections to the name being proposed, the name reservation process can be accomplished in less than an hour. However, if the name conflicts with an existing name or if the proposed name contains some sensitive words that may require a review by relevant authorities, the name approval process can get delayed to few days or weeks.


Delivering the right original documents: Original documents must be delivered for documents matching at the time the invoice is paid and just before receiving the company certificate, therefore, if there are missing or incorrect documents, the process will be delayed until the matter is resolved.

Must I be a registered user before using the E-Services?
  • You must register as a user of the E-Services before starting to use them.
What are the equipment requirements for using the E-Services?
  • You will need a personal computer with internet access, preferably broadband connection, and equipped with a web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer)
What are the guidelines for naming a company in KRG?
  • The first step in KRG company registration process involves reserving the desired name for the company. A company cannot be registered until the name has been approved first. If the name does not conflict with an existing name and it does not contain any sensitive, offensive, or religion related words the approval process is very quick.

Once you have engaged the online company registration service, the process will immediately file the name reservation application for your company prior to preparing the incorporation documents. After the name reservation application has been filed, there are two possible outcomes as listed below:


Outcome 1: Name is Approved

If name is approved, this is good news and we will proceed to next steps of incorporating the company.


Outcome 2: Name is Rejected


If the name is found to be similar/identical to an existing name or containing non-desirable keyword(s), the name will be rejected by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and you will be notified with the reason.

What is an Online E-Service?
  • The E-Services is a 24-hour portal developed by the General Directorate of Companies Registration to facilitate delivery of applications for incorporation of local companies or registration of foreign branches in KRG, specified forms and related documents required under the relevant laws in electronic form to General Directorate.
What is paid up Capital?
  • Paid-up capital is the total amount of capital that has been funded by shareholders. In other words, it refers to the sum of money that a company has received from shareholders who have completely paid for their purchased shares. The minimum paid-up capital requirement for setting up a company in KRG, Iraq is IQD 1 Million
Who can register as a user of the E-Services?
  • To register as a users you can be either:
    •  – An investor/partner who wishes to register your company or start-up and would like to do that directly yourself
    •  – A lawyer who has a power of attorney and would like to register a company on behalf of investor(s)/partner(s)
    •  – An employee of the General Directorate of Companies Registration or any of the related entities participating in the process and would like to get a user access. This would require all employees to follow the prevailing internal procedures.